openMobile is a free and open source, modular, C# driven, multi-platform, mobile computing front end.

What makes this project unique

  • All code GPLv3 (with one additional clarification)
  • Written in c# so it can be run on windows, linux or mac
  • Uses a universal installer for effortless platform-independent installation of plugins and skins

The Framework

  • Fully Modular plugins on a shared framework and rendering engine
  • Fully Skinnable
  • Designed for a 5-7" screen with large buttons that can be used from a touch screen or manual input device (like a Griffin PowerMate or keyboard)
  • Easy to use while driving without taking your eyes off the road
  • Internal SQL based database instead of text file craziness

The Plugins

  • Plugins can be created to support all major media players like Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAMP, BassLib, Foobar200, VLC, GStreamer, MPlayer, Rythmbox if desired. Currently OM used MPlayer as it's backend player.
  • Uses a internal SQLite DB for media, allows for faster and smoother media browsing.
  • Can support low level hardware including the fusion brain and custom control https://www.yourcanadianmeds.com/ hardware (via a rawhardware plugins)


The screenshots below are just a small sample of the capabilities of Open Mobile and various plugins are available in our File Repository to greatly extend these capabilities. Screenshots of the various plugins can be found on their respective downloads pages.